Sore Throat Test and Treat

The Sore Throat Test and Treat in Tredegar and Caerphilly allows patients who have a sore throat to call into Nelsons Pharmacy and be tested by a trained pharmacist using a quick and pain-free test.

Visit Nelson Pharmacy for a sore throat test and treatment if your sore throat is severe or persistent after a week.

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You can use this service to determine whether a sore throat is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, and receive expert advice and treatment without visiting your GP.

A pharmacist will conduct a consultation with you to determine the cause of your sore throat using structured questions and perhaps swab tests. A pharmacist can provide advice on steps to take if your sore throat is determined to be a viral infection, which antibiotics cannot treat. In the event of a bacterial infection, the pharmacist may also prescribe antibiotics.

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