Medicine Management Services

One of our missions at Nelsons Pharmacy is to offer medicine management and care home services in Tredegar and Caerphilly. We use a specialised system to provide modern and efficient care home services. For the last several years that we’ve been operational, we’ve gained valuable experience while focusing on the supply of medication to local Care Homes.

Our passionate and professional team is fully committed to helping you in providing top-notch quality care.  We also administer medication in a way that best fits your preferences.

How do we offer this kind of support?

We simply use a monitored dosage system that is simple, safe, and time-saving. It involves medication dispensing methods that allow us to offer the best service to our clients; considering your preferred medication needs.

This allows the Nelsons Pharmacy team to build a healthy relationship with care homes. Hence driving the best practice as far as medication management is concerned.

It’s time for you to take a step!

Please get in touch with us today to learn more about residential homes, nursing homes, medicine management, and care home services in Tredegar & Caerphilly. You’ll also discover how to benefit from a long-term relationship with Nelsons Pharmacy.

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